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Angry bird movie.- yellow bird

Angry bird movie.- yellow bird .
My video is based on the angry bird cartoon. Loved by everyone, also because of the love of the character in the angry birds that has tried to create a video version of his own angry birds with the characters are familiar with the love angry bird movie like chuck's with super-fast or fake, bomb a hot guy but very considerate when taking care of their eggs. Matida (a white bird) a girl loves beautiful litter There is also a lack of strength when pigs stare at her eggs.
Besides, it is impossible not to mention the extremely piggy. They are always looking for ways to get the eggs of birds in the angry birds movie trailers. Talking about the pigs, we will think of small pigs, always under the orders of the pig's captain. But all that they do is the joy of the pig. When it comes to pigs, it is a pig that only knows how to eat and drink when it comes to subordinate pigs. And what makes the hungry pigs always hungry is to eat bird eggs.
But no matter how pigs try to get their eggs, they are all hindered by the birds. And always get extremely painful endings.
I think you should watch angry bird movie once.
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The angry birds movie - Angry birds and Pigs boss - yellow bird

Yellow bird-The Angry Birds Movie - angry bird and funny battles!

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The Yellow bird is intelligent.

The Yellow bird is intelligent.

In a small village far away from the city there was a boy named Chuck. Chuck is a very smart boy, agile. Chuck's father is a good hunter, and Chuck's mother is a tailor's tailor. Every day Chuck follows his father into the forest and hunts.
One day as usual, Chuck and his father went to the forest to hunt, but it was strange to see them all day, but did not see any animals at all. The father returned sad when it was dark, Chuck met a small Yellow bird under the tree. It looks like the yellow bird was injured by falling from the nest
Chuck asks his father to bring this yellow bird for treatment. Seeing Chuck's kindhearted heart, Chuck's father agreed.
That night Chuck treats and takes food for the yellow bird. After a few days of health, the yellow bird has recovered and is able to walk.
But because the yellow bird was too small to follow Chuck's footsteps to the hunting forest, Chuck went into the forest every day to bring a box and put the yellow bird in it. Chuck and the yellow bird are always tied together even when sleeping. Chuck also gives the bird lying in bed with him.
Some time after the yellow bird has matured, it has become proficient to fly so no need for Chuck's box when entering the forest again, but the bird has already localized himself. When Chuck rests, the yellow bird searches for its own food. Every morning the bird sings a song in a small village so people know about Chuck's yellow bird.
One day, four strangers enter the village, Chuck and his friends are playing in front of Chuck's house. They approached and asked about Chuck's yellow bird.
As he grew up, Chuck's yellow bird looked beautiful, and outside of its sleek fur plus bird's head, there was a pink tops that Chuck liked. Many have asked to buy the yellow bird but Chuck does not sell.
So the four strangers approached Chuck and asked for another night to chuck home because it was dark, unable to walk, because of their hospitality and sympathy, Chuck's parents agreed to let them sleep. Because they think they are good people. Both Chuck and his parents did not know that it was a thief, because Chuck's yellow bird was so beautiful they planned to own it.
That night, Chuck was sleeping, a man sneak into Chuck's bed and lost the yellow bird and left for the night. When he woke up, he did not see the bird next to him. Chuck thinks the bird got up early to find a meal and then no doubt. After getting out of bed, the whole family thought they were busy leaving without a goodbye.
But at noon, Chuck did not see his beloved yellow bird return, until the darkness still did not see the yellow bird.
Chuck is sad and thinks of four strangers who have lost their yellow bird. Chuck is so sorry he can not protect the yellow bird from the bad guys.
Yellow bird when four strangers catch up to the city and are sold to a wealthy boss and fed a lot of good food. But the yellow bird refuses to eat or drink anything and does not sing as it still sings on Chuck's window.
Due to hunger, its silky coat is no longer smooth, no longer as iridescent as before, although in a beautiful cage, but the yellow bird always feel unhappy, always remember Chuck, whether the rich man do Every way to Yellow Bird to sing, to be happy as before.

So what will happen? What will the fate of the yellow bird be like?
Take a look at the second part of the story
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Develop your child's thinking.

Develop your child's thinking.

What are you wanting from your kids? How do you want it to be?
A doctor or lawyer, a teacher or an entrepreneur.
When do you think your child is capable of becoming a painter?
And a cartoon character drawing is also gaining a lot of interest and learning about it.
Rather than having your child pursue work that they do not want or allow them to be creative and develop their minds at a young age.
And I thought to myself why you would not let your kids learn how to draw a cartoon character they love. You do not know where to start, right?
Yellow bird chanel where you can find videos on drawing cartoon characters. From there you can help their dreams get done sooner.
In the lives of the many questions, how to draw?
How to draw beautiful.
I know it will be their tough questions for you, instead of having a headache looking for answers you just give them a phone and open video lessons to draw animated characters at Yellow bird. Chanel up everything will be solved and you will have time to do your work.
Their enjoyment will gradually increase and then the characters more and more control and they care that is what they like no one painted, no one taught it? At the end of the day, you will be at the center of their questions. You will think of taking them to expensive painting classes and will not have to think of anything else. But in exchange, are they drawn to the things they like?
Do you have peace of mind when they go to class and there are safe and many other reasons that you have not thought about.
Why, why not think about giving them home-schooling, I can introduce you to a painting class at, where you will be able to register an account for them and only Log in and leave a message and a cartoon artist will meet your needs and you will not need to do anything. They will send you a message and will tell you when their guide is ready to point you to your kids when you want them to watch it.

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